How copy an EDID from an output using API commands on Axion and HDBT matrices and apply to an input

How copy an EDID from an output using API commands on Axion and HDBT matrices and apply to an input

You can read the EDID from an output you want with the following command on the console page:

GET OUTx HP EDID DATA         : Get HDMI Output x EDID DATA{x=[1~4]}
GET OUTx TP EDID DATA         : Get HDBT Output x EDID DATA{x=[1~4]}

Then you can load any EDID block to user 2 or 3 with the following command from the console screen:

SET INx EDID Uy DATAz : Write EDID To  User y Buffer  of Input x{x=[0~4](0=ALL), y=[1~3],z=[EDID Data]} 

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