How do I add Visualint Cameras to ELAN

How do I add Visualint Cameras to ELAN

ELAN requires an H.264 main stream for when the camera is full screen and a lower res MJPEG for the thumbnail view.

With Visualint VIM Cameras, set the settings below on all the camera first using the local web GUI of the cameras.

Set the stream 1 to
  • Resolution - 1080P (1920x1080)
  • Video Encoding - H.264
  • Extended Code - Baseline
  • Bitrate - 2048
  • Frame Rate - 10
  • i-Frame Interval - 20
  • Encoding Mode - Variable Bit Rate
Set Stream 2 to
  • Resolution - CIF (352x240)
  • Video Encoding - MotionJPEG
  • Bitrate - 1024
  • Frame Rate - 10
  • Encoding Mode - Variable Bit Rate
Then add the camera using gtools in the Video section as a Dynamic ONVIF camera. Once the camera has been added click on the ONVIF Setting. If it is empty then Cancel and try again. After a couple of seconds it should populate with the ONVIF stream ELAN has discovered. 

We want Stream One in the High Capability Mode Set and Stream 2 in the Low-Capability Mode Set. You should end up looking like this.

If you have pre-setup all the cameras as outlined above you should find that ELAN automatically picks up stream 2 for the low capability mode and Stream 1 and 3 for the high capability mode. We recommend simply deleting stream 3 so it looks like the image above. 

If you need to change any parameters listed above on the cameras as you missed something on the first pass, we recommend deleting the camera from ELAN and re-adding it after the change has been made on the camera. 

Then check the camera on all viewing devices and make sure it is visible. Now go back and name the camera in gtools. 
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