How to setup MXNet switches to be accessible on the LAN and via Switch Management on Mentor

How to setup MXNet switches to be accessible on the LAN and via Switch Management on Mentor

The MXNet switch has an RJ45 port labelled Mgmt which is the management port. You can access the management port by connecting a patch lead to the management port and connecting the other end to your computer. 

By default the IP address of the management port is You need to change the IP address of the computer on the Ethernet port to something compatible like 

Once you have done this, you can now change the IP address of the switch via the web based GUI of the switch OR by using the CLI interface of the switch. 

To change the IP address of the switch to something valid for your network open up a browser and go to and login with admin admin. 

Then go to Network Management Port Configuration and set the IP address and network mask you want the switch to be on which is valid for your network and hit Apply. Now disconnect the patch lead from the switch to your computer and connect the switch management port to the main network or a better option is to plug it into one of the spare ports on the CBOX, Don't forget to set your computer back to DHCP and plug your computer into the main network and test to make sure you can now access the Management console of the MXNet Switch via the main network. 

If you would rather do this via the CLI interface on the switch, then use Putty to do the following. 

You can change the IP address of the management port to a static IP that valid for your network.

Once you have set the management port IP address to be valid for your network, you can either put a patch lead between the management port on the MXNet switch and the Ethernet switch on your main network OR the better option is to put the patch lead to one of the spare ports on the CBOX. That way you do not use up ports on your main network and the mentor GUI can show switch information on the Mentor Web GUI. The Switch will still be visible on your main network and discoverable by OvRC. 

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