USB KVM Not Working with MXNet 1G V2

USB KVM Not Working with MXNet 1G V2

If you are finding the USB KVM feature is not working with MXNet 1G V2 it may be because the USB mode on the encoders is different to the USB Mode on the decoders so they are not compatible. This can be fixed by doing the following. 

You will need to have at leat CBOX v2.31 to do this as an API command was added in this release to allow you to set the USB mode on the encoders and decoders via telnet to the CBOX. v2.31 is attached but if you already have a later version then you do not need to change the CBOX firmware as you already have the ability to use this API command. 

This firmware will add the following command to be available (no brackets):
      config set device usbmode [0,1] [deviceID/MACAddress]
            0 = Software USB Mode
            1 = Hardware USB Mode (You'll want this)
You will need to access the CBOX's API server, by using PuTTY and connect via Telnet to TCP port 24 on the CBOX's "MENTOR" interface IP address.

      You can also use the following command argument: "config set device usbmode 1 ALL", to kick all of your V2 devices into USB Mode 1 (Hardware USB).

NOTE: After sending the commands to all of your MXNet Devices, please power cycle your units. You can power cycle the switch after sending the command(s), to power cycle the devices all in one go.

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