What is the difference between Visualint and Lilin IP Cameras

What is the difference between Visualint and Lilin IP Cameras

The key differences between Visualint  and Lilin would be Analytics and Starlight Technology.


Visualint Intelligent cameras are equipped with a full analytical engine built into each camera. This means that there is a microprocessor in each camera analysing the video in real time trying to understand what it is looking at. This allows us to identify if an object of interest is in the scene such as a person or car. Once an object of interest has been identified, it is clear the camera has identified this object as it draws a green box around the object in question. It is then possible to put rules in place such as a double trip wire that can send a notification if such an object crosses the double trip wire. See https://youtu.be/hpcfqT0FBWM. In this video you can clearly see the camera identifies the incoming car as an object of interest. When the man gets out of the car this becomes the object of interest. When the man crosses both trip wires then there is an activation which can be seen as the box around the man changes to red and so do the trip wires. This technology can be used to extend the reach of the security system to outside the house. A typical example of this is to arm the cameras when the burglar alarm is armed in night mode or away mode. Then when there is an activation the notification can be sent to the end user for a self-monitoring application or to a 3rd party monitoring station which can then call on private security services. See https://youtu.be/--l8YM-6ACM as an example of what can be done with this technology.


Lilin cameras do not have a true analytical engine that can perform this sophisticated real time analysis. Lilin cameras do support trip wires but they are using simple motion detection technology which will trigger if pixels change. This could be as a result of a tree or bush waving in the wind or a bird walking around or a paper bag flying by. These cameras are not truly understanding that there is an object of interest in the field of view thus there would be many many activations causing this to be unusable in the way outlined above. Notice in the video examples of the Visualint system that trees and bushes waving in the wind were totally ignored. Pixel based motion detection will trigger with trees and bushes moving.



Visualint Intelligent Analytical cameras also use Starlight Technology in the lens. This technology allows a Visualint camera to remain in full colour HD video down to very low light levels. They can operate in full colour down to 0.002 Lux light level. This is due to the oversized senor in the lens that allows way more photons onto the surface of the sensor allowing a full colour HD image to be rendered at light levels that none Starlight cameras would have to switch to black and white night vision thereby loosing colour detail of the image making identification much harder when retrieving content from an incident. In some cases, Visualint Starlight cameras will stay full HD colour images all the time if there is residual light from street lamps or garden lighting avoiding issues caused by artificial IR illumination. Worst case the Visualint Starlight cameras will stay full HD colour a lot longer than traditional cameras only switching to black and white night vision when in complete darkness.


Lilin cameras do not use Starlight technology in order to keep costs down and as a result will switch to black and white night vision with IR illumination as soon as the light level lower.

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