How to set up an Araknis 310 Switch to use with AVProEdge MXNet

How to set up an Araknis 310 Switch to use with AVProEdge MXNet

We always recommend using the AVProEdge switch range when installing an MXNet system. These switches are very high end and come with a 10 year warranty and are pre configured out of the box to work with MXNet. 

However, if budget is a concern and you do not need the 10Gbps uplink ports on the MXNet switch then the Araknis 310 switches are an option. Araknis 210 switches are NOT an option. 

If you use an Araknis 310 switch with MXNet then you will need to plug the Araknis switch into the main network and set the following settings first. You must then unplug the switch from the main network before connecting the MXNet encoders and decoders and CBOX. 

For a bullet proof installation, we recommend that the switch being used for the video traffic is dedicated for only the video traffic of MXNet and don't try and use it for other things. 

  1. Navigate to Advanced > IGMP Snooping

  1. For Status, click Enabled

  1. Verify the Version is set to V2

  1. Set the Unregistered Multicast Behavior to Drop


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  1. Under VLAN settings, enable IGMP Snooping Status and verify Fast Leave is Disabled


  1. Set the Querier State to Enabled. Verify the Querier Version is v2. (ignore the red arrow and reference to MoIP!!)

Graphical user interface

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  1. 7. Under Router Settings, at the bottom of the page, set the Router Ports Auto-Learned to Enabled on all VLANs.

Now unplug the switch from the main network and connect all your encoders and decoders and connect the video side of the CBOX to this dedicated video switch. The Mentor port of the CBOX connects to your main network. 

You can then go ahead and see what IP address the CBOX got on the main network side and launch the Mentor web GUI to set a static IP for the CBOX and the encoder EDID settings and decoder scaling settings as normal. 
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